Ignor & Partner GbR

Our law firm is focused on advising and defending in criminal cases and against administrative offenses, especially in the areas of business and working life, as well as advising on disciplinary proceedings for professional misconduct.


As a highly specialized and team-oriented boutique law firm, we support our clients with the best possible use of competence, experience and commitment.
We cultivate the exchange of experiences, participate in the jurisprudential and policy discussions and foster the continuous professional development and cooperation with renowned colleagues in the area of criminal law and beyond.

The investigation and prosecution of criminal and administrative offenses is necessary for public safety and the protection of freedom. But every investigation also involves the risk of violating the rights of the individual and can have serious professional, personal and financial consequences.

Any investigation can lead to wrong conclusions. It is our goal to prevent that from happening.

What we do

We provide discreet, effective and expert advice to both individuals and companies in all stages of criminal proceedings, but also preventively to avoid risks of exposure to criminal liability (compliance). We draw up expert legal opinions, give talks and presentations, and conduct trainings.

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Our areas of expertise

Our professional focus is on: