Lawyer Anke Müller-Jacobsen

Anke Müller-Jacobsen

1958 born in Leverkusen
1977 Abitur in Leverkusen
1978-1981 initially study of German studies
1981 Studied law at the Freie Universität Berlin
1988 First State Examination in Berlin
1991 Second State Examination in Berlin
1991 Rechtsanwältin (attorney-at-law) in Berlin
1999 Member of the Board of the Berlin Bar Association
2007 Vice-President of the Berlin Bar (until 2012)
2012 Judge at the Constitutional Court of the Land of Berlin (elected until 2019)

  • Member of the Permanent Deputation of the "deutsche Juristentag" (Association of German Jurists)
  • Member of the Criminal Law Committee of the Federal Bar Association (BRAK)
  • Member of the working group on criminal law of the German Lawyers' Association (DAV)
  • Member of the European Criminal Bar Association
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