Defence of public officals

To be accused of having committed a crime weighs heavily on every human being. This is particularly true for public officials (civil servants, judges, mayors or employees in civil service).On the one hand, the Criminal Code contains acts such as taking undue benefits or bribes or perverting the course of justice which can only be committed by public officials. On the other hand, the law provides for delicate penalties for offenses, such as assault and falsification of public records, when committed by public servants in the line of duty.

In addition, the initiation of a criminal investigation can lead to disciplinary proceedings, and the outcome of both proceedings will in many cases threaten the livelihood of the accused.

All the members of our law firm have a great deal of experience in the defence of public officials. In appropriate cases, we also take over representation in disciplinary proceedings. Should it be necessary, we can also rely on a network of highly specialized colleagues, with whom we cooperate.