Medical and Pharmaceutical Criminal Law

Medical criminal law has existed since antiquity. It usually involves offenses such as negligent manslaughter and (negligent) personal injury in a clinical or medical context.

The public debates on the legalization of active euthanasia, on the circumcision of boys, or on social phenomena of an aging society and the increasing number of persons under the care that comes with it, show that despite its long history, this area of law regularly raises new questions.
Our expert Dr. Annika Dießner vocally takes part in these debates, both through publishing academic articles and participating in discussions, and are continuously improving their skills through regular advanced training.

We provide strategic, practical and expert advice to numerous hospitals and nursing homes. In the course of this, we train the entire workforce, from nurses to doctors to hospital directors, on classic topics, such as the requirements of medical confidentiality, the requirements for post mortems, and the requirements for comprehensive patient information.

In addition, we advise on the business crime dimensions of medical practice. Like the rest of the business world, hospitals, nursing homes, care providers and private practices are repeatedly confronted with accounting fraud, submissions of false claims, taking and receiving bribes, and embezzlement. Here, too, we assist our clients in establishing preventive measures to avoid criminal risks, offer training courses and prepare expert legal opinions.

The biggest part of our work, however, is the individual defence of persons employed in the health care sector who are facing a criminal or professional investigation involving manslaughter, personal injury, fraud, corruption or other misconduct. In this context, we also represent clients in procedures of professional conduct before the respective self-governing body.