Our Expertise

Criminal law and the law of administrative offenses are a constantly growing and increasingly complicated matter. The entire social, economic and working life is now covered by criminal sanctions and administrative fines and the pervasive nature of regulation in Germany requires skilful and specialist advice. Never before were there as many prohibitions as today. Never before are alleged violations pursued so intensively.

Our team has broad theoretical and practical knowledge in all areas of criminal litigation and administrative law with a particular emphasis on domestic and international cases involving serious fraud, embezzlement, corruption, tax evasion and cartels.
We also have significant experience in extradition, transnational investigations, international policing and mutual legal assistance. We regularly advise and represent clients in internal investigations, criminal complaints, private prosecutions and ancillary proceeding. We also advise and defend journalists, newspapers and media organizations on a wide range of issues, such as publishing offenses, libel and defamation charges, search warrants and their right to refuse to give evidence. Lastly, we are a market leader in advising and defending health care professionals in those specific matters of criminal law most relevant to their practice.