Expert opinions

Due to our academic activities and our regular participation in the academic and jurisprudential discourse of the legal community, we are able to create expert legal opinions on various legal issues. We recommend the use of expert legal opinions in individual or corporate defence cases were legal issues play a role, which have not yet been clarified by case law and/or doctrine. This is more often the case than you might think. Of course, an expert legal opinion is not necessary for every open question of law, as it is one of the core principles of our legal system that the courts themselves know, interpret, and possibly advance the law. In our experience, German courts do not like being "lectured".

Legal expert opinions play a major role in criminal compliance in assessing and minimizing the risk of criminal liability. Due to the expansion of regulations in particular to so called "white collar crime" many business practices once considered to be legitimate today are of possible criminal relevance. If the exposure to criminal liability seems even remotely possible, executives preventively should seek competent criminal law advice to avoid the risk of prosecution.

The hope of successfully defending oneself by claiming innocent ignorance is deceptive. The courts place increasingly higher demands on the duty of a lay person to seek expert advice. Sometimes even advice by in-house counsel is not considered to be sufficient anymore. Advice in matters of criminal law must adhere to strict quality standards. Legal expert opinions and legal advice - their boundaries are fluent - must be well-founded and comprehensible.