Revisions and Appeals

As a last - and often enough only - available judicial redress, revision proceedings in criminal matters are particularly important. Due to the strict formalization and limited standard of review, revision proceedings often cannot satisfy a defendant's expectations.
As a rule, no main hearings are conducted in revision proceedings. In the exceptional cases, where a hearing is scheduled, no witnesses are heard or documentary evidence read. Rather, only legal questions are discussed. It is therefore not possible to have a "retrial" of the case in the revision instance. Attacks on the way the facts were ascertained by the court of first instance (so-called procedural complaints) in many cases already fail the strict formal requirements of such a complaint. In our experience, Successes are mostly achieved with attacks on the judge's sentencing.

It is therefore all the more important for the defendant that his defence counsel knows what resources are available in the revision proceedings and how he must use them in order to meet the ever-stricter requirements for the admissibility of a revision complaint. Prof. Dr. Dr. Alexander Ignor has long-standing experience in this field, which began with a revision proceeding in the highly regarded Berlin Schmücker case. Meanwhile, he is particularly active in revision procedures that are related to the professional activities of defence counsels. He has been involved in a number of highly regarded decisions in this area.

In addition, we cooperate with WidmaierNorouzi, a Berlin-based law firm that has a nationally recognized expertise in the area of revision proceedings.
As a result of this cooperation, we guarantee the best possible advice in revision matters.