Trainings and Coachings

The legal obligation to organize a company in such a way that no criminal offenses are committed (see criminal compliance) includes the obligation to keep the company's executives and employees informed about the relevant legal regulations. In addition to individual instructions and internal company newsletters, we recommend conducting regular training courses. Teaching these courses requires the specialist knowledge as well as the didactic ability to convey legal matters in a comprehensible and practical way.

The intuitive and practice-oriented teaching of criminal law and criminal procedural law is a special concern to all members of our firm. In particular in the areas of business, employment, as well as medical and pharmaceutical criminal law we have taught executives and employees of larger and smaller companies and hospitals, and have developed special training materials, recommendations and guidelines.

We take great care to avoid a tedious teacher-up-front style of instruction and strive to establish a dialogue with the listeners in order to transport the information that really matters. To do this, we harvest from our vast experience and use exemplary cases from practice.