Defence of companies

We consider corporate defence as the legal representation of the interests of a company in connection with criminal or legal proceedings.

Although companies cannot formerly become the accused of a crime under German criminal law, they can otherwise come into contact with or be affected by the proceedings in a variety of ways. An investigation may be directed against a company's executives or employees.

The company may be subject to a fine or its' profits may be confiscated. Companies can also be victims of internal or external criminal offenses. This is often accompanied by often surprising and sometimes drastic preliminary coercive measures such as searches or confiscations that may become an existential threat in some cases.

In this situation we provide prompt and competent legal advice that focuses on the interests of the company and support it in further proceedings. While doing so, we do not only consider the necessary steps in regard to criminal procedure, but also help the company's executives to distinguish the interests of the company from those of others, in particular its' employees. If necessary we will carry out or assist in internal investigations. At the same time, we keep in mind the concerns of potential witnesses within the company and if necessary provide witness counselling. Should the interests of the company call for it, we will probe possibilities for - and if necessary implement and lead - a collaborative defence of several defendants.

Impact analysis
Corporate criminal law and administrative offenses are often characterized by the fact that the investigation directly impacts business activities and may also affect the regulatory mechanisms applicable to certain activities. Here we help to determine the significance of the investigation for future company activities, to identify possible adverse consequences and, if necessary to cooperate with competent partners. In other words, we promote and ensure the implementation and advancement of compliance mechanisms.

Press & Reputation Management
An integral part of a company defence is a considerate engagement with the media. This requires not only public relations work while in "crisis mode", but also a strategy for company internal communications as well as long-term trust-building-/restoring PR measures. We generally discourage taking hectic and hasty actions guided by short-term media coverage. If necessary, we are happy to recommend an excellent PR consultancy, with whom we have longstanding experiences.